Do you employ five or more employees?

If your company employs five or more employees, it must meet the minimum first aid requirements.

First aid is crucial. It can mean the difference between minor injury and a costly disabling injury or even death. You must take all reasonable steps to ensure employees receive prompt first aid.

One way to ensure this is to guarantee your first aiders know how to respond to emergency situations. Use the training module on First Aider Responsibility in the Health and Safety Training Manual to prepare your first aiders for an emergency.

Included with your First Aider Responsibility training is the following:

  • The facilitator manual: Your own set of notes to conduct the first aider responsibility training that will provide the first aider with the information and knowledge required in addition to their “first aid treatment” training.
  • Training notes for your delegates: Your employee will need to take a copy of the training notes once he’s completed the first aider responsibility training. Give him a copy of the training notes and ensure he stays up-to-date with the fundamental rules of your health and safety processes.
  • Question sheet: Once you’ve trained your employees, use the test to assess how much they’ve learned.
  • Answer sheet: Once you’ve assessed your employees, use the answer sheet to assess how they’ve done.
  • First aider responsibility power point presentation: For you to project or print for your training sessions.
  • First aider responsibility certificate of completion: A certificate of completion to give to employees if they successfully complete the training.

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Do you know what goes into a first aid box?

You will need a first aid box if you employ five or more employees. Remember, first aid is the first treatment an employee will receive when they suffer an injury. The aim must be a quick, prepared response to injuries. You should provide a first aid box for each department – this will ensure prompt first aid.

The question is though, what goes into the first aid box?

The first aid box must contain the contents listed under Annexure A. There are 2 content lists. One for factories and one for offices and shops (slightly less stocked). The Health and Safety Training Manual provides you with a list of contents that must be included in your first aid box.

Your First Aider’s responsibilities

First Aiders are volunteers. They are not nominated or elected. Before a person is appointed as a first aider, they must be tested on their reaction to blood and wounds. This is important, as you shouldn’t train or appoint anyone if they can’t deal with an emergency.

So what are the first Aider responsibilities? Below are points on their responsibilities with regard to emergencies, taken from the Health and Safety Training Manual.

Tip #1: First aider Responsibilities (emergencies)

  • When the emergency evacuation alarm is activated the first aiders on duty should collect the first aid kit and move to their designated assembly point.
  • If they aren’t in their designated areas and can’t get to their assembly point, they should follow the same procedure as for all personnel.
  • On arrival at the designated assembly point they must follow procedure for roll call and tell the security guard that they’re first aiders, and whether they have a first aid kit in their possession or not.
  • The security guard will notify the Emergency Controller, detailing how many first aiders are present and how many have first aid kits available.
  • The Emergency Controller will advise whether the first aiders are needed elsewhere.
  • If their assistance is required they have to follow the instructions the Emergency Controller gives.
  • Give the necessary treatment to the injured and try ensure the area remains untouched so that possible evidence is undisturbed for investigation later.
  • Record the names and employee numbers of all injured persons. Give this information to the Occupational Health Practitioner or the Responsible Human Resources person.
  • If the patient is unconscious or if there’s a possibility of the patient losing consciousness, they have to ensure a card with the person’s name and employee number is attached to the person’s clothing for easy identification.
  • Move the injured persons to the nearest Emergency Service areas as listed:
    • Assembly point where an ambulance has easy access.
    • Assembly point where there’s enough room for an ambulance.
  • Liaise with the Occupational Health Practitioner or Emergency Controller through the security guard at that assembly point.
  • Keep the treatment record books up-to-date.
  • Hand over the patient to the Emergency Services on arrival and give the necessary information to the Senior Paramedic regarding possible serious injury.
  • When the emergency is over the first aiders must return their first aid kits to designated location.
  • If the first aid kit contents have been used they should order the required stock and replenish the kit.

With the Health and Safety Training Manual you can provide your first aider with the information and knowledge required in addition to their “first aid treatment” training for performing their functions in the work environment. Your first aider will be able to understand and practice the administrative requirements of their appointment as well as emergency situation activities, step-by-step.

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