Compile your own comprehensive

Induction Programme

Do you know what your OHSA duties are as an employer?

Do your employees know what their duties are?


You can create your own induction process and assess your employees Health and Safety knowledge

As an employer, you must provide induction training to every new employee. Use this training module and your employees will never be on the back foot when it comes to health and safety…

You will be provided with your own set of notes to conduct the induction, including assessment questions and answers.

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One of the things that should be covered in the induction training is Employee duties. Are your employees aware of what their duties are at the workplace? Your employees also have duties to comply with in the OHS Act.

Take a look at what you get with the Induction training:

  • The Facilitator Manual: Your own set of notes to conduct the induction training that will help you ensure all employees are empowered with the knowledge to behave in a manner conducive to the safety, health and working environment
  • The Delegate Manual: Your employee will need to take a copy of the training notes once he’s completed the induction training. Give him a copy to ensure he stays up-to-date with the fundamental rules of your health and safety processes
  • Training notes for your delegates: Training notes for delegates on a CD
  • Question sheet: Once you’ve trained your employees, use the test to assess how much they’ve learned.
  • Answer Sheet: Once you’ve assessed your employees, use the answer sheet to assess how they’ve done.
  • Certificate of completion: A certificate of completion to give to employees if they successfully complete the training.

The following information is taken from the Health and Safety Training Manual, which you can order with a 90-day money back guarantee. You’ll also receive a bonus report, a H&S Toolkit CD, regular updates, a weekly bulletin and a H&S Helpdesk where you can send any short health and safety questions.

Employee duties

  • YOU are responsible for your own safety. Non-compliance may result in serious injury or death.
  • Report all unsafe working conditions to your manager immediately, report unsafe acts performed by your colleagues to your Safety, Health and Environment Representative or your manager immediately.
  • Don’t abuse or misuse personal protective equipment, always wear your PPE where required.
  • Ensure you arrive fit for work. Don’t party the night before work, as late nights and lack of sleep make you careless and negligent.
  • Take care of your own safety and of your fellow employees. If you see something that could cause an injury or damage, report it, or correct it, immediately.
  • Obey any legal or company instruction regarding safety, health and environment. The rules are there to protect you.
  • Safety rules must be obeyed and complied with, always.

The Health and Safety Training Manual covers a whole lot more on Induction. You’ll also get the following Training modules in your Health and Safety Training Manual:

  • Fire Safety – Are your employees aware of the requirements for fire Safety.
  • First Aider Responsibility – Do you know your first aider responsibilities?
  • Health and safety representative election – How to conduct nomination and elections of the H&S representative.
  • Risk assessment – Identify hazards and assess risks in your company.
  • How to conduct a basic risk assessment: Each and every employee will know how to identify and regulate the risks in his own division

Remember, a good induction process will get your employees to a productive status as quickly as possible.


Best off all, we'll give you a chance to go through the handbook. If, in 30 days you decide the Health and Safety Training Manual isn't for you, simply send it back to us within the 30 days and we'll give you a 100% refund